Verde Financial Solutions

Verde Financial Solutions Provides Automated Unattended Retail Systems for CBD, THC and everything in between.  We are the only Manufacturer and Distributor to have fully integrated Age Verification, Payment Systems and Mobile App to create a seamless buying experience for the consumer. 

With our state of the art AI and machines, combined with Live Inventory, Geofencing, and the ability to Switch Marketing Ads in Minutes our Distributors have even more options to increase their Revenue and Sales Capacity. This is why the the future of vending has now arrived. Whether it's Pre Order and Pick up, Checking for Inventory, or Buying at the Machine... We are so much MORE than a Kiosk.

Everything the competition is working on... We've already figured out. 


Cameron Binion

As Chief Executive Officer, Cameron Binion is responsible for the overall performance and success of Verde Financial Solutions. He has extensive experience in operations, human resources, and strategic planning both domestically and overseas. Prior to joining Verde, Cameron has had an extensive career in the aviation industry.

Cameron holds a Master of Business Administration from Baker College and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL.

Crystal Headshot Jpg

Crystal Morris

As COO, Crystal works with Our Director of Sales to drive Meaningful and Positive Customer Experiences through User Interfaces and Strategic Field Implementation.

With more than 20 years of Retail Experience, and 10 years in the Top FAANG Companies leading out Customer Service and Sales Teams to Implement the Latest Technology into Daily Operations and Sales Growth - Crystal brings a vast array of experience.

Her Background in Developing Sales Teams and Implementing New Processes to Improve the Customer Experience will support Verde’s dominance in the Automated Sales Market.

Crystal has a Bachelors in Science, with a minor in Business from the University of Hawaii. She also serves as a Corporate Life Coach for Executives in her Spare Time.